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Stop paying for mediocre influence and start connecting with a community of qualified influencers with our powerful search engine, for FREE. With Rally you can build exciting campaigns with engaging content to cut through the noise and get your voice heard.

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How It Works


Our powerful search engine allows you to quickly find qualified influencers that perfectly fit your campaign specific goals. Optimize your search results with our targeted filters & advanced analytics.


Monitor your campaigns with the Rally Dashboard. Keep an eye on influencer statistics, posts and all the information that matters to your brand. Never miss out on the perfect influencer partnership again.


Analyze your campaign's success or potential for success using Rally Analytics. Determine which influencers performed the best and use these insights to pave the best way forward for your brand.

Getting Started

1. With your Google Chrome web browser open, Download the Influencer Research Tool by Rally.

2. Click on the Chrome Extension Icon to access tool.

3. Once inside the dashboard you can now explore our free database of social media influencers. Easily view posts, likes, followers and other data for each influencer.

Questions & Answers

How much does Rally cost?

Nothing! It’s completely free. You can add on certain features for a price, or you can find influencers and get statistics completely free of charge.

How do I find Influeners to work with?

You can find influencers by browsing or searching from your dashboard. You can also click on influencer profiles on any of the social networking sites supported by Rally and their information will populate in your dash.

What social media platforms will Rally work on?

Rally works across all major social networking sites including: Instagram, Facebook,Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, and Pinterest.

Can Influencers make money with Rally?

Yes! Use the Hive feature to showcase your products and watch your Rally wallet grow.


"I can’t imagine running influencer campaigns without it"

As a marketing consultant who heavily relies on access to influencers, I used to pay anywhere from $200 per month to $20k per year to gain access to popular influencer databases. When I heard Rally was free, I absolutely couldn’t believe it. I downloaded this application and it has turbo-charged my business! Rally is a game changer and now I can’t imagine running influencer campaigns without it.

Tanya C. / Digital Marketing and PR Consultant

"Perfect for marketing research analysts"

Rally is a great tool for anyone who needs to find influencers on the fly. WIth one click all social stats are made readily available and presented in a format that is easy to process and conveniently accessible. The Google Chrome Extension is perfect for marketing research analysts that would rather not stop their production flow to log in to a third party platform.

Kelly S. / Marketing and Partnerships Executivet

"Rally is a no-brainer"

"With influencer research platforms charging astronomically high-prices, Rally is a no-brainer. I was impressed with all the features that came with Rally. Highly detailed insights are at my fingertips that demonstrate an influencer’s performance no matter what level of influence - micro or macro. It is one of the few platforms that has detailed analytics no matter what major social media channel, and is outfitted with tools that do a great job delivering you and your clients the most up to date metrics and market research.

Mike D. / Director of Data Intelligence

Welcome to the next generation of marketting tools.
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